Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Since when is it hard to be loyal and committed? Why even try getting into a relationship if you're not ready or you're looking for a pass time? Why you being so  selfish? You want to vibe with someone, then met new people, interact, have a deep conversations, find someone true and if it leads to something more, even better, but if you find someone with all the intentions to grow with you, marry you, be something with you and you still here figuring out shit for yourself then go figure shit out for yourself.

Only get into a relationship when you 100% willing to give someone the world and ready to receive it back.  All these 'break' or 'I don't love you anymore' isn't how things should be. If you truly love someone, you willing to deal with their shit's personality.  You don't deserve their best if you can't accept their worst.  It's really not fair if you can't give your all to someone who willing to give their all to you.  It's not fair when you promised you will stay no matter what happened, but the truth you gave up when things getting worst. It's really not fair.  Not fair at all.  Jahat tahu jahat! Jahat sangat sangat.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm lost,

There are some things about myself that I cant explain to anyone.  There are some things that even myself don't understand at all.  Sometimes I can't tell what I think about things or what I'm after.  I also didn't know my own strengths and what I'm supposed to do about them.  But of I start thinking about all these things in too much, whole these thing gets scary.  It's look like I'm a little bit lost now.  Sigh.  So I think I'm not such a wonderful human being.